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Mountain Biking in the Fog

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Tru Fit Solutions understands that some athletes need the full coaching experience while others just need a great program or community to support them on their journey toward their goals. We offer coaching, programming, on-line workouts as well as local NYC outdoor sessions so no matter your needs there is a solution for you.  


A proper bike fit is the key to unlocking power you never knew you had. Tru Fit Solutions provides services that help you find the power, comfort and efficiency that every cyclist deserves.  We use the latest tools and information to ensure you are producing your optimal power in a position that can be comfortably sustained.


The great thing about doing breathwork is you will not only see an improvement in your endurance performance but you will also benefit in other areas such as sleep quality, recovery, stress response, mental health and other aspects of your daily life.   



Throughout the year Tru Fit Solutions holds a number of  endurance camps. From training on the Ironman Lake Placid course to riding the roads of Vermont visiting the local breweries. Regardless if you are a runner, cyclist or triathlete all of our camps can be tailor made to fit your training needs. 



Whether you are new to the endurance world, or a seasoned competitor looking to step up to even bigger challenges, you may have the same question on your mind: What’s Next?


Taking the leap to sign up for your first 5K, Sprint Triathlon, Charity Ride is a big step. Levelling up to 70.3 or even iron-distance events or maybe tackling a 100-miler on the trails or a Gran Fondo are big decisions and the goal for all are the same, cross the line and establish the next bar that will be cleared. 


TruFit Solutions is a community built around learning from and supporting each other through these journeys of self-challenge. It doesn't matter if you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete or a speed walker. Our common thread is that we are all endurance athletes looking to challenge ourselves physically and mentally.


This is not your typical running club, cycling club, or triathlon club. We don't care what sport you participate in because when you boil it down we are all just endurance athletes, our motivations, fears, and challenges are the same. 


Committing to an endurance event is a big decision, one that leads to many, many smaller decisions: How many training hours? What intensity?How do I avoid injury or overtraining? Am I mentally strong enough to meet this challenge?


We are here to support you on this journey, we worry about “What’s Next?” so you don’t have to. The only thing you have to do is enjoy the journey and think about tackling even bigger challenges that lie ahead.



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