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Breathwork has certainly been gaining popularity recently with techniques such as Wim Hoff, Box Breathing, Andrew Humberman's promotion of the Cyclic Sigh as well as the many  types of yogic breathing. But as an athlete you have to ask yourself one question "How does an endurance athlete in perticular benefit from breathwork and which techniques?

Through my unique combination of training to become an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor along with over 20 years of coaching endurance athletes has given me a clear understanding of how our daily breathing impacts our performance in endurance events.  The great thing about doing breathwork is you will not only see an improvement in your endurance performance but you will also benefit in other areas such as sleep quality, recovery, stress response, mental health and other aspects of your daily life.   

Here are just a few of the things you can expect from following our breathwork program:

  • Increased tolerance to Co2 in the blood allowing you to go harder longer. 

  • Improved oxygen absorption leading to a better running/cycling economy.

  • Improved lactate buffering letting you recover faster from those leg burning efforts.

  • Learn how to proactively improve your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). 


​The exclusive TruFit Solutions program is delivered as a 4 week block and is supported by 2 live sessions weekly along with email access.  The weekly live session will include a few general breathwork exercises and an open Q & A for athletes to ask questions and to gain clarity on what they are currently working on. 

Breathwork Fall/Winter Schedule:

Tuesday - 4:30pm 

Thursday - 8:00am

Daily practice is about learning, if we expect to do something the right way when thing get hard then we better practice how to do it when we can control all of the factors.  We do running, cycling and swimming drills in practice in the hopes that they will translate to better form when we are doing those activities at full speed. Breathing is no different, if you expect your body to breath deep and properly when you are redlining it during an interval or after you have been out on the trail for 20 hours then you better practice it daily in the comfort of your home.  

Breathe Better to Perform Better. 

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