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At Tru Fit Solutions we have decided to draw a line between what coaching is and what online coaching has become.  Over the past decade as online coaching for endurance sports has gained in popularity we feel like the word ‘coaching’ has lost some of its meaning.  Coaching an athlete means that you are in constant contact with that person to help develop the necessary skills to perform better, to educate and motivate them when needed, to answer questions regarding equipment choices, nutritional needs and race strategies. Coaching involves analyzing training and racing data and to use that data to adjust the program as needed. For a coach and athlete partnership to be successful there needs to be a high level of communication between them on a regular basis.

Pro-Level Coaching Includes:​

  • Personalized Annual Training Plan

  • Weekly/Daily Program Adjustments

  • Training/Racing Data Analysis

  • Training/Racing Nutrition Consultations

  • Equipment Recommendations

  • Racing Strategy Consultations

  • Access to Zwift Coached Workouts   

Level of Communication: 

  • Unlimited Email/Text Contact with your Coach

  • Weekly Check-in Conversations with your Coach

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