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The progressive program that TruFit Solutions has been trusted for by cyclists, triathletes and recreational riders is now being offered as exclusive coached-training sessions on Zwift.


For more than 5 years we have been developing indoor classes at our premier coaching studio Tailwind Endurance in NYC.  Our programming is built on the hundreds of athletes who have seen success through our progressive program that not only builds week-to-week but season-to-season.  

We are excited to now offer that same in-studio experience to everyone at home!


​The exclusive TruFit Solutions program is delivered as a 4 week block including 3 key workouts per week, depending on the time of the year. Each key workout is customized using your FTP and guided in real-time by Coach Brian Hammond. If you are unable to make the live rides you will still have access so they can be done on your preferred schedule. 

Zwift Fall/Winter Schedule:

Tuesday - 6:30am - Threshold Workout

Thursday - 6:30am - Vo2max Workout

Sunday - 9am (2hr) - Extensive Endurance Workout 

Indoor riding via digital platforms affords us the opportunity to apply 100% focus on the program, effort, and real-time data that can not be replicated outdoors or on your own. These coached sessions are a great way to enhance your current TruFit training plan or to get an easy and accessible introduction to the incredible results that you can get from a structured progressive program, from the convenience of your own home. 

*You must have a personal Zwift account to participate in our real-time guided sessions. 

Zwift Programming Includes:​

  • Group Cycling Annual Training Plan

  • Access to Zwift Coached Workouts

  • Zwift Workouts are also available outside of scheduled class time   

Level of Communication: 

  • Reasonable Email Contact with the Coach

  • Access to Discord channel

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