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Programming is a very valuable (arguably the most valuable) service a coach provides for the athlete. The program is the roadmap of what the athlete will be focusing on throughout the year and the workouts that will successfully prepare the athlete for their events. When programming a coach needs to take into consideration all of the constraints that may affect an athlete's ability to train such as; work and family obligations, physical strengths and weaknesses, race schedule, travel schedule and environmental constraints (like living in NYC vs Colorado) to name just a few.  Programming needs to be personalized because no two athletes have the same constraints, the same race schedule or the same strength and weaknesses. If they don’t have the same needs then how can they have the same program?

What a good coach does is looks at all of those factor and then designs a program that best utilizes the time the athlete HAS to train rather than creating a program for the time the athlete WISHES they had.  TruFit Solutions Personalized Program does exactly that. We create a program that focus on your needs, your race schedule, your time constraints, your strengths and weaknesses.

Personalized Programming Includes:​

  • Personalized Annual Training Plan

  • Monthly Program Adjustments

  • Racing Data Analysis

  • Equipment Recommendations

  • Racing Strategy Consultations

  • Access to Zwift Coached Workouts   

Level of Communication: 

  • Unlimited Email/Text Contact with your Coach

  • Monthly Check-in Conversations with your Coach

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