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How to Access Zwift Coach-Lead Workout Session

Be sure to login to Zwift 5-10 minutes before the Meetup/Workout is scheduled to start. If you are late Zwift will not allow you to join the group.

Opening Selection Screen:

  1. Make sure you are “Going” to meet up on the right side of the screen. If not marked “Going” clicking on it to join.

  2. World Choice select Watopia and any route. I typically do meetups in that world.

  3. Click Ride

After hitting the “Ride” button you should then be in the game and just riding along with the thousands of other Zwifters. About 5 minutes before the “Meetup” begins you will see a prompt on your screen (below) that asks you to “Join Meetup”

In-Game Join Meetup Prompt:

  1. You can hit either “Join Meetup” or “Let’s Go!”

  2. If you do not select anything it will take you there automatically as well.

After hitting “Join Meetup” you will be taken to a waiting area on the side of the road (screen below). This is when we need to select our workout for the day. You will see a countdown clock that is counting down to the start of the ride. When the clock hits 0:00 the ride stats. If you are not in the meetup by then you will not be able to join.

Meetup Waiting Screen:

As soon as you get to this screen you will need to select your workout. Hit the “Menu” button.

After hitting “Menu” it will take you to the Paused Screen (below).

Paused Screen > Workout:

Select the orange Workout box on the top right hand side of the screen.

That will take you to the Workout Selection Screen (below).

Workout Selection Screen:

  1. At the top you should see TrainingPeaks Custom Workout. Select that workout.

  2. Be sure to confirm your FTP in the bottom right corner is correct.

  3. Turn off ERG, make sure there is not a dot next to “Use ERG mode”.

  4. Then select “Workout”

That will bring you back to the Pause Screen from before

Pause Screen:

  1. Select “Back”

That will return you back to the Meetup Waiting Screen from a few steps above. At this point you can start pedaling and once the countdown clock hits zero the ride will begin! Then it will bring you to the In-Game Screen (below).

In-Game Screen:

  1. Workout steps will be displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

  2. The top center box will display the current workout step. It will show you your target watts (“119w”), cadence and time.

  3. Your watts will be displayed where it currently shows “0w”

  4. List of names on the right are the Zwifters in our area. The names highlighted in Green are part of our Meetup.

Tips While Riding:

  • Have Discord on mute unless you need to ask a question or make a comment.

  • Play some music in the background.

  • Have a strong fan blowing at you

  • Always keep pedaling. If you stop pedaling your personal workout timer will pause.


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